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Technical Data

Model Width (m) Weight (kg) * Count tines/discs(pcs.) Power
demand (KM)
Efficiency (ha/h) Maximum working
depth (cm)
AU 420 4,2 1740 44 90-120 3,0-5,0 4-13
AU 480 4,8 1880 50 100-140 3,5-6,0 4-13
AU 540 5,4 2020 56 110-150 4,0-7,0 4-13
AU 600 6,0 2150 60 120-160 4,6-8,0 4-13

* The weight is approximate and may differ from actual depending on the model and configuration.


  • Automatic catch bar
  • Flat-bar roller in front
  • 4 rows of tines 32 x 12 mm
  • Two rows of rear rollers


  • Tracks remover with depth and width adjustment
  • 4 rows of tines 45 x 12 mm
  • Reinforced elastic tines type “S”

Standard and Optional Equipment

4 rows of tines

Four rows of tines provide perfect scarifying and even soil mixing with merely low working velocity. Excellent work results even on compact and heavy soils.

4 rows of tines
Spring tine 32×12 mm type “P” and type “S” – Option

Spring tine 32×12 mm type “P” and type “S” – Option

Possibility of choosing spike tines or spring tines for perfect fit for user’s requirements. “P” type tines are a perfect fit for sowing aggregates and “S” type tines are a good solution for cultivating aggregates.

Reinforced tines 32×12 mm and 45×12 mm – Option

For particularly demanding conditions there’s a possibility of using reinforced tines. Coulters with double-sided blade for extending the service life.

Reinforced tines 32×12 mm and 45×12 mm – Option
Tracks remover – Option

Tracks remover – Option

These elements scarify the soil compressed by the tractor wheels. The flexi tines of the track remover are able to individually regulate position and working depth. Simple position regulation of the claws allows for fast adaptation to current field conditions.

LED light – Option

LED light optional equipment for increased road safety.