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Technical Data

Model Width (m) Weight (kg) Number of rings (kg) Power Demand (KM)
WFC 300 3,0 1200 19 75-90

* The weight is approximate and may differ from actual depending on the model and configuraon.


  • Ø 700 mm Campbell cast iron wheels
  • Metal- polyamide sleeves of oscillating drawbar shift
  • The roller pulled with a pendulum with spring tensioners
  • Chain scrapers between wheels


  • Front drag springs
  • Front adjustable hydraulic drag springs
  • LED light neon
  • 2 row cultivator attachement

Standard and Optional Equipment


Front drag springs

By using a drag in front of the roller we get the best soil leveling effect. This is a perfect solution to prepare soil for seeding

Front adjustable hydraulic drag springs

Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment of the front drag, we can freely and smoothly control its pressure from the operator’s cab.

Hydrauliczna regulacja włóki-min