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Technical Data

Model Width (m) Weight (kg) Count tines (szt) Power demand (KM) Efficiency (hah) Maximum working depth (cm)
APBH 300 Pro 3,0 4300 10 190-260 2,1-3,0 30
APBH 420 Pro 4,2 7000 13 240-380 3,0-4,2 30
APBH 540 Pro 5,4 7600 17 340-500 3,8-5,0 30

* The weight is approximate and may differ from actual depending on the model and configuration.


  • 4 row of tines 60×25 mm type Delta or Terra (demount)
  • 2 row od discs  Ø 510 mm at the front with maintenance free hubs
  • Spring protection NON-STOP
  • Row of drag tines
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working depth
  • Tubular Roller Ø 560 mm
  • LED light neon
  • Hydruaulically folded version of APB 420 (possibility to work on 3m)


  • Row of discs Ø 460 mm with rubber protection
  • Maintenance-free hubs
T-Ring Roller  Ø 500 mm
T-Ring Roller  Ø 500 mm
Rubber Roller Ø 500 mm
C-Ring Tandem Roller Ø 500 mm
Disc Roller Ø 600 mm
Packer Roller  Ø 500 mm
Flex Roller Ø 450 mm, Ø 550 mm
V-ring Roller Ø 500 mm, Ø 600 mm
C-Ring Tandem Roller Ø 500 mm

Standard and Optional Equipment

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2 row od discs ø 510 mm at the front with maintenance free hubs – STANDARD

Mechanical protection with double spring – 600 kg

Protection Non-Stop based on double springs for working in particularly difficult conditions. Protection of working parts from damage. Protection spring allows for working without breaks regardless of the soil type. Recommended mainly for soils with high density of stones.

Mechanical protection with double spring – 600 kg
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Row of spring tines – Standard

Row of spring tines provides additional soil leveling. Possibility of mounting in front or behind the tillage roller.

Hydraulic adjustment of working depth – Standard

Adjustment of working depth based on hydraulic cylinders. Comfortable adjustment of working depth without the necessity of leaving the tractor cab.

Hydraulic adjustment of working depth apb, apbh
Row of discs with rubber protection – Option

Row of scraping discs on a rubber protector – Option

Scraper discs provide the effect of even better mixing of soil with simultaneous leveling. The protection on rubber elements ensures safe operation and protects the plate against its damage.

Maintenance-free hub with seal – Option

Maintenance-free hub with cartridge seal provides perfect leak-proofness therefore failure-free. No need for lubrication makes for comfortable and time-saving usage.

Maintenance – free hub with seal – Option
Oświetlenie APBH i APBH Pro

LED light + wheel arches – Standard

Optional LED light and wheel arches equipment for increased road safety for the semi-mounted version.