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Technical Data

Model Width (m) Weight (kg) Count disc (pcs) Power Demond (KM) EFFICIENCY (ha/h) MAXIMUM WORKING DEPTH (cm)
BTS 300 3,0 1900 24 100-150 2,0-3,0 14
BTS 350 3,5 2200 28 120-170 2,4-3,2 14

*  The weight is approximate and may differ from actual depending on the model and configuration.


  • Two rows of Ø 620 mm discs with spring protection
  • Maintenance free hubs
  • Tubular roller Ø 560 mm / 10 pipes
  • Distance between discs sections – 120 cm
  • Folding and adjustable side discs
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working depth
  • Side screens with adjustable position copying the terrain


  • LED light neon
  • Row of springs in three sections:
    – between the rows of discs
    – in front of the  roller
    – behind the roller
Tubular Roller Ø 600 mm / 12 pipes
T-Ring Roller  Ø 500 mm
Rubber Roller Ø 500 mm
Flat-bar Roller Ø 500 mm
C-Ring Roller Ø 500 mm
Disc Roller Ø 600 mm
Flat-bar Roller (notched) Ø 500 mm
Packer Roller  Ø 500 mm
Flex Roller Ø 450 mm, Ø 550 mm
V-ring Roller Ø 500 mm
Crosskill Roller Ø 500 mm
C-Ring Tandem Roller Ø 500 mm

Standard and Optional Equipment

Spring Protection BTS

Spring Protection – Standard

The machine with spring protection of discs is mainly dedicated to the cultivation of heavy and stony soils.

Hydraulic adjustment of working depth – Option

Adjustment of working depth based on hydraulic cylinders. Comfortable adjustment of working depth without the necessity of leaving the tractor cab.

Hydraulic adjustment BTS
Maintenance – free hub with seal – Option

Maintenance – free hub with seal – Option

Maintenance – free hub with cartridge seal provides perfect leak-proofness therefore failure-free. No need for lubrication makes for comfortable and time-saving usage.

Row of spring tines – Option

Row of spring tines provides additional soil leveling. Possibility of mounting in front or behind the tillage roller.

Row of spring tines – Option

LED light – Option

LED light optional equipment for increased road safety.

Adjustable side screens – Option

Adjustable side screens prevent forming of ruts on passage connection. For maximum working comfort and safety the screens copy the terrain.

Adjustable side screens – Option
Reinforced handle 2nd and 3rd category – Option

Reinforced handle 2nd and 3rd category – Option

Possibility of connecting the machine with tractors equipped with different categories of the three-point hitch. This option is used with heavy machinery and in case of machines equipped with heavy rollers thanks to which the machine is hooked more stoutly to the tractor. This option increases safety when moving on the hard soil.