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Technical Data

Model Width (m) Weight (kg) Power Demand (KM)
WPS 450 4,5 2900 70-100
WPS 540 5,4 3100 80-110
WPS 630 6,3 3600 90-130
WPS 750 7,5 4100 110-150

* *The weight is approximate and may differ from actual depending on the model and configuraon.


  • Support Foot
  • Three section Cambridge Roller Ø 530 mm
  • Transport protection
  • Side sections copying the terrain
  • Wheels 400/60 – 15,5


  • Front adjustable hydraulic drag springs
  • Set of containers for stones
  • LED Light Neon
  • Cambridge Roller Ø 600 mm
  • Prismatic Roller 450 mm

Standard and Optional Equipment

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Front adjustable hydraulic drag springs

By using a drag in front of the roller we get the best soil leveling effect. This is a perfect solution to prepare soil for seeding. Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment of the drag section we can lift it up so the roller perfectly compacts the soil after seeding. In this way the machine compacts the top soil layer to prevent water evaporation which causes soil water retention and crop increase.

Set of containers for stones

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LED light – Option

LED light optional equipment for increased road safety.